Our Team

Morgan Malone Photo

Morgan Malone

Morgan has been the WFCG’s Manager since July, 2016. A graduate of NC State University’s Biology and Agro-ecology program, Morgan has worked with many urban gardens in the Raleigh area including the SOUL Garden, the Camden Street Learning Garden, and the NCSU Agroecology Farm.


With a passion for the natural environments, Morgan seeks to integrate permiculture, ecology, and community development into urban farming. Morgan loves to work with volunteers and garden partners who always bring exciting perspectives and innovative ideas to the garden.


Morgan’s favorite things from the garden are melons, tomatoes, and butternut squash!

Hannah Frank Photo

Hannah Frank

Hannah is a senior at NC State studying Sustainable Food Systems for Global Health and Political Science. She has worked with Community Food Lab on the Raleigh Food Corridor, as well managed the Campus Farmers Market at NC State. She got her farming start back home in Pennsylvania.


Hannah enjoys drinking tea outside and talking while she gardens. Her favorite things from the garden include sungold and black cherry tomatoes and basil, especially when they’re eaten together!

Lubana Lanewala Photo

Lubana Lanewala

Lubana is a Marketing Operations Manager at Zift Solutions and a Foodie. Her passion for farming started when her parents started a farm on Smithfield raising birds, rabbits and goats and showed her that farming is entrepreneurial and creative. She hopes to run a homestead in the future.


Her favorite pastimes is cuddling up with her bunny, Agnes and planning trips. Interested in uncommon fruits and promoting local foods, Lubana enjoys hunting down and tasting fruits grown on NC or in international markets.


Her favorite things from the garden are watermelons, blackberries, colorful carrots and beets!

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